Cinavia PS3 Fix Message Codes, Audio Output Temporarily Muted – How to Fix it? 100% Working Methods

Cinavia PS3 Fix 2013 Working MethodCinavia PS3 Fix, this is the most frustrating thing for every PS3 owners like you, so am not going to explain what is Cinavia? to waste your time, here is a 100% permanent Cinavia PS3 fix which is trusted by 1000s of PS3 owners.

As a gadget repair technician, I recommend a permanent and safe Cinavia solutions to every of my customer who face similar Cinavia error, bring their console to my shop and ask me modifying hardware or firmware to watch the movies they want without any errors. I provide the official website URL of the permanent Cinavia solutions that you can use it too, right now this is the only safest and permanent Cinavia solution which I confirmed with 100′s of resources by my extensive research.

So instead of giving solutions not only to all those my customers facing, but anyone who face Cinavia errors, this quandary a few simple, yet effective PS3 Cinavia fixes will surely helpful to get rid any Cinavia errors in your digital life.

Movie Fix 2.0 100% Permanent Cinavia PS3 Fix

Movie Fix 2.0 Cinavia PS3 FixIrrefutably, the first and most reliable 100% Cinavia PS3 fix is the Movie Fix 2.0 software. Salient features of this product include the ability to get rid of all kinds of Cinavia error messages in one hour, and fix Cinavia PS3 error codes, whether they be the error messages 1, 2 or 3 or audio output temporarily mute etc.

Movie Fix 2.0 provides support for all kinds of movies or TV-shows, as well as any versions of the PS3 worldwide, and almost all types of video files (.flv, .mkv etc.) without any kind of hacking, modding, soldering or any software changes making it really safe and reliable to use. So you no need to have worries that movie fix will damage your console device.

Newer versions of the Movie Fix 2.0 software also do not need to set up a media server to work, so you can play the video files whenever and wherever you want.

In fact Movie fix will cost $29 for one time payment (which comes with free bonus of YLOD fix $27 valued) has guarantee that it fixes all Cinavia errors and used by thousands of PS3 owners. Movie fix is developed by industry experts with technical audio engineers which was released in the market after performed with number of beta tests with several movie titles, so instead of spending $$$ buying original discs or temporary fixes which may harmful to your console, you can buy movie fix 2.0 and you can save your time and money by this way like how hundreds of thousands of PS3 owners fixed their burning issues.

Changing the Date/Time Temporary Cinavia PS3 Fix

Cinavia PS3 Fix Error Code 3One of the basic but useful Cinavia PS3 fix is changing the date/time. Whenever the Cinavia error code 3 pops up, “Audio outputs temporarily muted”. Do not adjust the playback volume. The content being played is protected by Cinavia™ and is not authorized for playback on this device, don’t get all worried about it. Retain your cool, and just press the circle button on your PS3 controller, and go to the date/time settings menu.

There you either change your date to an alternate one, or turn the time one hour ahead. This confounds the Cinavia software into playing the video normally, and you can start right back from where you left.

The downside to this method is that you will have to repeat this process every 20 minutes, as this is just a temporary fix and not a permanent one. It is also recommended to disconnect your PS3 from the internet while doing this, as this may complicate matters. You can at least manage Cinavia error code 3 by one of this basic method.


Sound Alteration Temporary Cinavia PS3 Fix

Cinavia PS3 Fix no Sound ErrorAnother basic PS3 Cinavia fix that is worth a shot is changing the audio settings. Whenever you get the Cinavia error code 3, go to your “Sound Settings” in the settings menu, and then choose the “Audio output Settings” sub-menu. There, change the configuration from HDMI to Optical Digital” regardless of what cable you are using.

Then select every setting there, and save your settings. Next, choose the “Audio Multi-Output” and turn it on. Save your changes and exit the menu. This basic method solved the Cinavia error for lots of users, but you cannot solve all Cinavia errors by this way.

In conclusion, these three Cinavia PS3 fixes are the safest and most reliable methods to overcome Cinavia limitations, changing date and time and sound alteration will give temporary solutions, movie fix 2.0 seems it promising it 100% fixes all type of Cinavia errors permanently.

So what are you waiting for? Go and download movie fix now!

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